Basic Bar for Hair & Body


My personal favorite. Nice lather, but not t

oo foamy. Rinses clean. Great for normal to dry skin and hair.

If you have never tried a shampoo bar — just do it! Try it out for at least week and see what happens to your hair. No more shampoo build-up. No more dull, limp hair. Just lather and rinse. I usually follow up with a simple vinegar spray in the shower and then a coconut milk spray & leave-in conditioner after towel drying. Simple. My husband makes it even easier and sticks with just a quick lather and rinse.

Ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, filtered water, lye, (optional) essential oils or extracts

  • NAKED (1-inch slice) – $2
  •                (sample size) – $1
  • LAVENDER (1-inch slice) – $4
    • with lavender essential oil – fragrant and relaxing
  • ROSE (1-inch slice) – $4
    • with Rose absolute in Jojoba oil – it has a sweet floral fragrance
  • VANILLA (1-inch slice) – $4
    • with vanilla extract – a subtle hint of comfort
  • REFORMATION (1-inch slice) – $4
    • with a special blend of sweet orange, lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, thyme, and rosemary with just a dash of tea tree – a mellow and earthy aroma



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